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Turbo compressor

We are proud to present its centrifugal compressors, providing optimized designs for each customer. Each compressor maximizes its value to customer through,



IHI provides wide variety of power generating products including gas turbines, diesel engines and gas engines with simple-cycle, co-generation and combined-cycle power systems.

We also provide remote monitoring, engine maintenance, and other services throughout product lifecycles. We are achieving the reduction of NOxand CO2 emissions by adopting high-efficiency and low emission type of gas turbines


The IUK Crab Trolley Overhead Traveling Crane is one of the most advanced overhead traveling cranes to be designed for use in any kind of workshop or factory. All of our products offer superior safety, durability and ease of operation. With a rated load capacity of 1 to 400 tons, they will fit a variety of needs, and their flexibility of use has already earned them a high reputation in many industries.

Auto Greastar
(Lubricating System for Equipment)

Auto Greastar is a small centralized lubricating system.
It is called small single line, and the system is the same as that of single line. This system is used to automate/centralize lubrication of various types of small/medium general industrial machines such as car and injection molding machine. (Both grease and oil are supported.)