SMK Dedicate ourselves to our customers, society, employee as “Real Services” Planninng, development, manufacturing, and sales of electrodes for resistance / arc welding and welding accessories.

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Adapter connects a tip and a shank to a holder. It is mainly used for adjusting the span of machine strokes, enhancing electrode strength, and preventing breakage of tapered parts and threaded portions of holders and gun arms.

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Replaceable tips. Higher in economic efficiency and cooling effect. Choose the proper material and tip shape for your welding conditions.
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Conventional solid Tips. These tips are widely used for welding where a Cap Tip with Shank does not fit, and for welding narrow workpieces, where you file the Tip down to prevent interference with the workpieces and the jig.
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These Holders are used between a welding machine and a tip to protect tips, shanks, and adapters.
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“Small” means economical!! Environmentally-friendly, replaceable tip Resource saving Generates less waste Cost reductive
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